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The post he disabled comments on.

Bit Boy Arcade - Second Official Game Trailer

Bit Boy Arcade - Second Official Game Trailer

Bernd+ (or just Bernd) is a Verified User and the creator of Bit Boy! ARCADE.  He is known for posting many reviews for his game, mostly from obscure reviewing sites, although some of them are from well know websites.


Developing the first game in the series, (Bit Boy!!) for the Wii, Bernd+ had some experience in developing games. However, when developing his sequel, he made an interesting design choice where he made his own Mii head a main protagonist.

Cause of Popularity

When the users of Miiverse began to retaliate and give honest criticism (some users did this as a joke) on his game, Bernd+ supposedly began blocking and reporting those who criticized him. This caused many users on Miiverse to dislike him.  Bernd+ has not been mentioned frequently since.


  • Bernd also uses [=)] as a smiley face for, some speculate this smiley to be Kubi.
  • He likes to call sidescrolling games "Jump n' Runs", although typically, Jump n' Run refers to another genre of video games.