Ben's Mii.
NNID MudkipU
Age 14
Joined 11/22/2013
Community Activity Feed
Followers 641
System(s) owned SO Wiiu

SO N3ds

Birthday Unknown
Alts OtherBen


Ben (NNID:MudkipU) is a popular user who has 644 followers. He made his first Miiverse post on the November 22nd 2013.

He is known for his many game posts. Due to paranoia of administration, any posts that aren't about games were posted in the Activity Feed, but since the Miiverse Redesign removed the ability to post in the Activity Feed he posts off-topic in the YouTube Community instead.

He mainly posts about games and his opinions on gaming news, especially Nintendo news.

Ben tries to make sure that his and the grammar of his friends are correct, but unlike his past self, he won't be rude about it. To keep his grammar fetish from interrupting his standard Miiverse posts, he has a grammar-based account that posts about grammar on a daily basis.


  • Main: MudkipU, 641 followers.
  • Alternate : OtherBen, 91 followers.
  • Grammar fetish account: GrammarKip, (Connections Private).



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