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NNID ZeroKuro111
Age 15
Joined 2014
Community New Super Luigi U Community
Followers 460+
System(s) owned SO N3ds
Birthday April 6th
Alts Unknown

I do not understand humans who are motivated by love. A person is born, lives for a number of years, and interacts with up to 8 billion people. What proof is there of something they can't even define?

—Bedman (Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN-)

Bedman, currently known as Vincent, is an infamous Miiverse user.



They define themself as "A philosophical pessimist", which by meaning, few users have questioned their dark elegies that they occasionally posts.

Aside from them having deep, ponderous theories of things, they have been starting their drawing career ever since they were an infant, yet afraid that people do not believe them, or think that's impossible. Their drawings are mostly from a fandom they are currently addicted to, but nothing like Fn@F, minions, or ponies. Cross-dressing men, Yo-Kai and Guilty Gear characters.

They are also the creator of the "Pingu!Venoct" meme, after hearing Venoct's English voice from the Yo-Kai Watch game, saying that it sounds like Pingu, constantly making memes of it. (They are only visible on their Twitter account, OROONSEIHANA)

It was recently announced in 2017 that he has changed his mii to "arachnus?", and came out as FtM months ago.

Summer 2016

It was confirmed that they have changed who they are throughout social media, believing that people do not give a crap about them, so they did what they tried to do for a long time; in which that's having pride. They have also tried to be more active online.

It was also confirmed that Venoct/Vincent has an IQ of 132.

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