Kfvtkwbfhzlu normal face
NNID GamingBass
Age 14
Joined Summer of 2013
Community Wii Fit U
Followers N/A
System(s) owned SO Wiiu SO N3ds
Birthday Unknown
Alts Bass, Bass, Bass, DJ Sigzorz
Bass is a Miiverse user. He has been on Miiverse for one full year but has been a Smasher for only a few months. (Until his console ban)

After his first 5 bans he took a month break. After his return he was up to his old shenanigans and got banned an additional 5 times. He later swore to never return to Miiverse but quickly broke that promise a few weeks later. He saw the Smashers move to the Zelda community and later became a Smasher. As a newly formed Smasher he slowly but steadily became recognized as a user gaining followers at a slow rate. He later got permabanned on his first account. He is currently console banned on both his Wii U and 3DS.

What Bass does IRL

Bass enjoys playing the Bass, Clarinet, Bass, Clarinet, Piano to a degree and listening to Jazz.


His personality is known to fluxuate at times but he is generally a quirky, smart, and nerdy. He can sometimes get extremely mad at certain things however. He also likes the attention lately on Miiverse. Not much is known about his personality, other than speculation.


  • Bass can actually play the Bass guitar, the guitar, the clarinet, and the piano
  • Bass has both a Wii U and 3DS.
  • Bass wants to start a war against all of the communities and dub it Miiverse War II.
  • His personality is known to fluxuate at times but he is generally a quirky, smart ,and nerdy. He can sometimes get extremely pissed at certain things however.
  • He's 14.
  • Is console banned 4 ever, well until he gets the new 3ds...
  • If you ever wanna play him in Smash just ask, he'll probably say yes.
  • He plays Splatoon as well.

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