345w8tt0sdhao normal face
NNID Barbilou
Age 12/13
Joined July/August 2014
Community New Super Luigi U Community
Followers 1,117+
System(s) owned SO Wiiu

SO N3ds

Birthday 12/26
Alts BarbarasDaWalrus, ScoutIsBae, SgtPeppersLonely, nice_memes3 (Shared with other people)

Barbara (NNID: Barbilou) was a Miiverse user/artist that started posting in the Super Smash Bros. Series Community in around July/August of 2014. She often drew Smash Brothers´ related things there and didn´t become a Smasher until everyone who posted off-topic moved into the Zelda Community, in which time she started to talk about The Beatles. She then posted often in the Wii Fit U Community along with the other Smashers. After the redesign, it seems she moved to the New Super Luigi. U Community along with the other smashers. Currently she is posting drawings in the YouTube Community and is less active.


She is a huge music lover. She was a yeahgiver like Stupifie, Enilasor and Rosaline. She was friendly with the majority of users, and sometimes can get upset and out of hand when she sees someone discriminating someone or a whole group of persons.

She mostly posted and drawed about The Beatles or music things in general.


  • She was originally a 3DS only user. She oddly never asked for Friend Codes in that time though.
  • She has been false-reported and banned 2 times in her main and got banned once in one of her alts.
  • She LOVES one of the most creepiest Beatles songs John Lennon could´ve made, Revolution 9.
  • She sometimes swear Chilean words when she´s upset. So, if you don´t know what ´weon´ and ´conchatumare´ mean, don´t worry.
  • She made the*Insert person here* "IS DED AND IF YOU DON´T COPY/PASTE DIS IN 20 POSTS WITHIN 5 SECONDS *insert person here* WILL COME TO YOUR HOUSE AND STEAL YOUR FOOD GOTTA GO FAST!!!!11!!!11TWO!!!" meme.
  • She has always had a person or fictional character to obsess with. In her first months in Miiverse, in the Smash Bros Series Community, she had an obsession with the Fire Emblem Lord, Marth; And after then she had an obession with the singers John Lennon and Robin Gibbs (from the bands The Beatles and Bee Gees respectively)
  • She speaks the dead language named Rectangle.
The Beatles - Abbey Road Medley16:46

The Beatles - Abbey Road Medley

Barbara´s theme.


  • "Revolution 9 is the best song by The Beatles"
  • "John Lennon is the baest bae among the baes"
  • "Robin Gibbs is bae"
  • "White Album is better than Abbey Road in every way possible. Except for the Abbey Road Medley"
  • "k m8 idc"
  • "I was shot in the 80´s. Bad tiems."
  • "False reporters love Yoko Ono with their lifes."

Alt Accounts

  • Barbilou (Main, Active, 1,117 followers)
  • BarbarasDaWalrus (Alt, gaming account, inactive, 348 followers)
ZlCfzS l Gs8FiyxYn

Barbara´s ´OC´ named Rod.

  • SgtPeppersLonely (Another Alt, inactive, 76 followers)
  • ScoutIsBae (Another Alt, inactive, 165 followers)
  • nice_memes3 (Account shared with three other users, Banned, 100 followers)

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