1hu506cyvcmav normal face

In the flesh
NNID ItsClean


Age 17
Joined February 2014
Community New Super Luigi U Community
Followers 59
System(s) owned SO Wiiu
Birthday 7th of May
Alts Peter



Bamboo (Also known as FroBamboo) is a somewhat infamous user and claimed by many as a troll. He is best known as the co-leader of the SP Clan. He had around 75 users following him for a certain time period, but due to conflict with the Miiverse Code of Conduct, he got permabanned and would continue to get banned numerous times before he could start getting a following. Today, his account is ItsClean. He also has the most manly biceps in all of Miiverse.


Bamboo joined Miiverse in February, 2014. Mostly, he would make witty remarks to posts others would make, as well as do drawing request with extremely poor quality drawings. However, shortly after he joined, he would meet SP101, A robot who made a mark on Miiverse history.

SP Clan

Bamboo met SP on one of his first posts, where SP claimed he was a robot from the future. Bamboo and SP would soon later create the SP Clan and liberate Miiverse for a period of time. In the SP Clan, Bamboo planned with SP on what to do. With their planning, they recruited many members along with "conquering" communities. However, with the numerous bans SP and Bamboo got, the SP Clan would later disband.


Bamboo generally posts political or otherwise controversial jokes, which coupled with his mii make him an excellent troll. Everyone who sees him for the first time instantly gets aggressions. He is a member of the SP Clan.


  • Jonathan


"Subspace is overrated"

"If Shrek was in Smash, he would be Ogrepowered"

"i am dating the "magical bisexual" noodle"

"One day, I will become a chicken."

"Jigglypuff isn't even relevant anymore"



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