"Die-hard Nintendo fan extraordinare. Shokio's Benchwarmer."

—Bala's Profile
Bala normal
NNID BalaTheHero9
Age 16
Joined October 13th, 2013
Community New Super Luigi U Community
Followers 417 (across all accounts)

297 (on main)

System(s) owned SO Wiiu Wii U

SO N3ds New 3DS XL

Birthday 7/26
Alts BalaTheHero9.2

BR0stoise-Bala Youtcantblockbala BalaTheHero9.2



Bala, also known as BalaTheHero9, BROstoise, Sudoku-san, Balathehedgehog9, or BalatheEDGEhog9 is an semi-popular Miiverse user and somewhat infamous Le Miiverse Resource Wiki editor and ex-admin from America. He is most well-known for being an Ace Attorney fan who doesn't want Roy or Ridley in Smash. Bala owns both a Wii U and 3DS and has over 400 followers.


Bala started out drawing pictures on the Super Smash Bros. Community and YouTube Community. Shortly after his debut, he posted video game screenshots of the Legend of Zelda games, Assassin's Creed IV, and Super Mario 3D world. He then mainly posted drawings and his opinions to the Smash Bros. Series Community, many of which involved his saviour, Shrek. After the Fall of the SSBSC, Bala migrated to the Wii Fit U Community and later to the New Super Luigi U Community after the Miiverse Redesign with the other Smashers. After that, he posted less drawings, but still expressed his opinions and made comedy posts to the WFUC and NSLUC. After his main account got it's third ban, Bala almost completely stopped making off-topic posts on that account, as one more ban on it would result in it being permanently banned. Using his old, barely functional 3DS, he created a new account to shitpost on without the fear of getting a console ban on his Wii U. On his main account, he now mainly focuses on drawing, making on-topic posts about the games he's playing, and uploading Smash replays for use in a series of montages that he makes.


  • ShrogreGo to
  • Edgy BalaGo to
  • Sudoku-sanGo to
  • Bala's old 3DS accountGo to
Back during the days when Bala conducted shenanigans, he received a handful of bans and thus has a handful of alt accounts. His first and current account is BalaTheHero9. His second account, Shrogre (T_Rated_Games) was perma-banned after only 1 temporary ban (See below for that account's Shrek-related drawing). Bala's 3rd account, Balarai (Balas3rdAlt) was deleted after it got banned. He made a 4th account after both Bala and Shrogre were banned. It was once called BROstoise (BR0stoise-Bala), but is now known as Edgy Bala. It was renamed this after Bala used the account to see what things could get him banned, or to post things he was too fearful to post on his main. Bala's 5th alt, Sudoku-san (YouCantBlockBala), was created after Edgy Bala was banned and some butthurt kid blocked Bala on his main. The previously mentioned old 3DS account for off-topic posts is BalaTheHero9.2


  • "Being a sore winner is better than being a sore loser because at least a sore winner wins."
  • "Ogres are like Taco Bell's 7 layer burrito."
  • "Is Roy a businessman? Because his tagline is "Seals the Deal" and his up special is named "blazer""
  • "Every song in Ace Attorney Investigations is a remix of The Great Revival ~ Miles Edgeworth."
  • "Pursuit ~ Wanting This Game to be Officially Translated"
  • "If you're ever feeling uncreative, just remember there are Ace Attorney characters named "Deid Mann" and "Will Crash""
  • "I love memes."
  • "Why isn't every song Layton's theme?"
  • "Can anyone give me a legitimate reason why there are people who don't main Fox?"
  • "What is Fox's favorite movie? The Shining."

Miiverse Games

Bala is a major contributor to the Smashverse games. He makes movesets, storyboards, stages, and even some boxarts. His character usually focuses on Speed, but can do a good deal of damage.

Games Bala is playable in


  • His most wanted Smash Bros. fighter is Professor Layton
  • His top 7 games of all time are (in order) Kid Icarus: Uprising, Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, Guacamelee: Super Turbo Championship Edition, Undertale, Ace Attorney Investigations 2, Professor Layton & the Unwound Future, and Star Fox Assault.
  • Bala has an active channel on YouTube, and has, as of January 2016, 135 subscribers. At one point in time, he gained 18 subscribers during 6 months of inactivity.
  • On Flipnote hatena, Bala was once in to top 20 users and one of his Flipnotes was number 1 for a short spell of time.
  • Dark Bala almost beat him in a final battle.
  • He's a Smash 4 fanboy and finds Melee to be overrated.
  • Bala means "bullet" in Spanish. This is unrelated, as Bala's real first name is Baladev, and his nationality is French/Welsh.
  • He has gotten demoted on LMR 5 times.


Shrogre's drawings

  • This will get you banned unless it's a large-breasted woman in the bikini.
  • I shrek off to this daily.
  • This post was deleted by admins and then undeleted.
  • This is apparently Sexually explicit.
  • SOON...
  • First unbanning, 47th Shrekoning.
  • BROGRE Shreks his foes!

Other posts

  • First post
  • Cthulhu for Smash!
  • Size matters.
  • Slam, Jam, Glamour.
  • The july 10th protests in a nutshell.
  • Shreik.
  • u got shrekt m8 ggnore mk8 online
  • For Fun, or for Shrek?
  • I NEED IT!
  • Shovel Justice
  • Levin Sword
  • a mii!
  • Metaknight Strikes Back
  • Too far?
  • Thoron!
  • Wild Woods = Frontier Village
  • Ganoncide makes him salty.
  • Shulk is a registered sex offender.
  • (posted to the Baila Latino community)
  • Illuminati hand signs.
  • Still salty.
  • Roy is only his favorite koopaling because Roy
  • Duck Hunt: MLG Game of the Year Edition (sponsored by Mtn Dew)Go to
  • (posted to the DK: King of Swing community)
  • Donkey Kong Boom: Rise of K. Rool
  • (posted to the Mario vs, Donkey Kong: Tipping Stars community)
  • Happy Happism in Splatoon.
  • DaTruthBeTold
  • "Clear Classic on 9.0 difficulty within 12 minutes as Marth"
  • This got removed by admins, LOL! (Plane is a Mario Kart 8 stamp)
  • Sakurai pls
  • After Ridley got deconfirmed.
  • RIP Iwata
  • Meta Knight's hitboxes
  • Anything using the word Tribulations is automatically connected to Ace Attorney.
  • If you try to clear this challenge, you're gonna have a bad time.
  • 1122Small was my high school nickname ;)
  • Dammit Sakurai, not another Fire Emblem character!!!
  • #freewolf
  • This drawing reminds me of a puzzle!
  • dunderfail
  • (this was connected to a Smash replay)
  • Toon Link's FAir is OP
  • MY DICK!
  • Sympathy from him = 0
  • The unfair FAir
  • He'll show you his monado's power
  • Palutena is the only acceptable waifu.

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