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NNID ImLegitAnIdiot
Age Unknown
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Community Wii Fit U Community

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Followers 325
System(s) owned both
Birthday Unknown
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Hai, I'm lonely. But you can just call me Badminina.


Badminina (NNID: ImLegitAnIdiot) is considered to be a strange user. He seems to enjoy ranting and arguing. He is often as depressed as his Mii would suggest, but apparently "cute drawings" seem to really cheer him up. He seems to like cute things in general, but likes the "gothic or anime cute stuff" to unrealistic levels.


While this user is generally looked down upon for stating his opinions in his rants, it should be advised that he is a kind-hearted individual. His posts usually declare that he hates himself, and that others should hate him as well. He enjoys Miiverse very much and continues to defend it as a good social media website. He always seems to win in his debates and proves his point.


  • Badminina's theme is "F.O.O.L - Fairytaler".

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