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Bad Miiverse Posts (@BadMiiversePost) is a Twitter account ran by Daniel Switzer devoted to finding offensive, NSFW, or just weird Miiverse posts either in communities or found in games like New Super Mario Bros. U and Splatoon. The Twitter account has 55K followers, and Daniel has also made Facebook and Tumblr pages for Bad Miiverse Posts, which have 14K likes and 7K followers respectively. These accounts are responsible for creating some of Miiverse's most popular memes.

The YouTuber RedFalconGames has also compiled the Twitter's best posts into a "Bad Miiverse Posts" video series, of which four have been made. It is unknown if RedFalconGames will do any more.

Notable Posts

y cant metroid crawl?


Bad Miiverse Posts helped spread the popularity of PaulyU's famous "y cant metroid crawl" post, made when Pauly didn't get the Morph Ball at the beginning of Super Metroid and tried to get to a door.


Many posts from Somari have been made popular thanks to Bad Miiverse Posts, and some of them became memes

  • Best anime
  • When the Mario & Luigi: Dream Team community was filled with strange Internet photos thanks to an Internet Browser glitch, Somari posted a picture of the Cory in the House logo with the caption "Best anime."


Blake (NNID: ocarinaofsmash) gained popularity from all the times he's been on the Twitter account.

  • "I love all the building in this game. i wish i could build a meaningful relationship with my parents"
  • "what a weeaboo"
  • "Wolf isn't in the game because the max lifespan of a wolf is 13 years. Star Fox 64 came out in 1997. He is dead"
  • "Dark Pit probably shops at Hot Topic and makes Ninja stars in the back of class. Don't play as him. He is garbage"

Family Issues


Lots of posts about people explaining issues they're having in their family (or future family) have made it into Bad Miiverse Posts.

  • "my least favourite character is sonic because he's fast like my dad when he chases me with the belt :((("
  • "this game reminds me of my 9/11 experience were my family died of lung cancer"
  • "Sometimes, you just need to look into the distance and ask yourself: Who was that man in mom's room?"
  • "NOOOOOOOO! my gf just called and said she thinks she pregnant i dont want to be a father :'l"
  • "Kimmen: Dad? If mom is a cat and you're a fox. Why am I a hedgehog?"

Smash Bros.

The Super Smash Bros Series Community, when it was still on Miiverse, brought many bad posts into fruition.

  • "everybody is WTFn the wii fit girl lol i kinda am also but no knuckles ?? where's wolf sonic??"
  • "this is a long shot but why no peter griffin or better yet peter pan lol... best choice is goku"
  • "pls put shrek in sakuray XD"
  • "Samus is going to be removed from the roster, due to everyone spreading rumors about him being a woman."
  • "What would you do if you woke up one morning and Ganondorf came into your room and said sleepy head your Mom and I are making pancakes"
  • "roy is a wanker lol"


These are posts that were found in either in-game or the Splatoon community.

  • "I cancelled a date with a real life girl to play this."
  • "Best seats in the house!" (Pic of one of the Squid Sisters's rear)
  • "You peapole are fat and fucing dumb"
  • "Rainmaker is what the girls at the club call my dad"
  • "DONALD TRUMP 2016"
  • "The hats look weird on the Inkling boys... Misandry?
  • "marshmellows are white. KKK is also white"
  • "I wish squids were real"
  • "Splatoon would be great if only it didn't have a republican agenda"
  • "these squids/kids have more identity issues than your typical tumblr user!"
  • "i call my teammates 'dad' because they're never there..."
  • "seabaging when u turn into a squid then a kid rapidly over the splated body spread the word"
  • "mom bought me this so i would stay out of the pool when she wrestles the pool boy. Thanks pool boy!!!"
  • "i hope mom takes me to olive garden"
  • "who wants my octopussy"
  • "bush did 9/11"
  • "jet fuel can't paint steel beams"
  • "help me my brother is in love with the inkling girl amiibo"
  • "this games brings out my white ink"
  • "the only thing better than splatoon is communism"
  • "mom left us at best buy :("
  • "Like if you feel weird around Chinese people!"
  • "But Callie said glad i not afraid of higths but why she said Don't look down don't look down!"
  • "they say this game E 10 but then you shoot kids and make them explode and swim in they're blood"


  • "does anyone think luigi is gay"
  • "Electronic Arts, more like Electronic Farts."
  • "This game is so fun i can poop in my pants"
  • "hello. i'm g a y and i love f a r t s"
  • "don't you hate it when you come home and donkey kong is riding penguins while kirby eats your refrigerator and then spiderman starts fighting octomus prime outside your home"
  • "i havent seen, feed or bathed by kids for 8 days"
  • "please dont report this im only joking. my d*** for smash, its final smash cumming on the other fighter"
  • "What do I have to do to get the stamp with the sexy deer in the Playboy pose?"
  • "Is this game JUST about designing homes?"
  • "s3xy can only be explained by my pure EPICNESS. ALSO I AM S3XY"
  • "Wo thinks Toad have more chance to marry with Peach, tan Mario!"
  • "I beat my meat like it owes me money!!!!!!"
  • "vote hillary Clinton 2016!!"
  • "fnaf rp her, ocs allowed!"

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