My mii
NNID Enemydolphin
Age 13
Joined December 4, 2013
Community YouTube Community
Followers 300+
System(s) owned SO Wiiu

SO N3ds

Birthday Unknown
Alts None

BRAP BRAP! is a user who has been on Miiverse for quite a while, and posted over 2,000 times. To be more specific, his first post ever (a bad drawing of Luigi holding a fan) was posted to the SSB4 community in late December, 2013. Despite being an old timer, he's not as popular as you think, with 300+ followers as of July 17, 2015. Through that lifespan, he's posted Memes, decent drawings, dumb references, content off-topic to the community, and some silly posts on occasion.


One of BRAP's best (or worst) drawings


He posts to the YouTube community frequently, he also posts to other communities not as often, like Splatoon, Super Smash Bros, and Tomodachi Life. But whenever he's on the YouTube Community, he posts some weird stuff, like the picture you see above. Just random content, like whoever else dwells on that community posts. Since he lost his soul to his 3DS, he is very active to the YouTube community.


  • The name "BRAP BRAP" is actually a battle technique the user made up in SSB, inspired by an onomatopoeia
  • The NNID "Enemydolphin" was the user's first default XBOX LIVE gamertag.
  • He pioneered the shortly lived "Sakurai's cat" meme and regrets it to this day
  • Not one of his posts have yet to make it to the popular section
  • He's been nominated and he's the self-proclaimed "Most annoying Miiverse user"
  • He doesn't usually take part in Miiverse dating.
  • Nor does he usually take part in roleplaying, as well
  • He runs a small Youtube channel inspired by the amazing Giga Gamby (but the vids he makes AREN'T Miiverse related)
  • He says "lel" often, that stands for "Laugh Even Louder"
  • He's apparently attractive for some reason, there have been multiple times when female users show affection towards him
  •  He's changed his Mii's appearance and name many times in the past, disguising him as Gabe Newell, Professor Farnsworth (from Futurama), and weird OCs.
  • He's a great friend with Shane and good friends Hamster of the Decade himself, believe it or not.
  • He's your average rebellious teenager, so he has a long criminal record with the Miiverse Administration, and served three console bans.

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