NNID Automation120
Age Unknown
Joined May 29th 2015
Community Panama Club
Followers 630+
System(s) owned SO Wiiu SO N3ds
Birthday 7/14
Alts ALTomation (active)

Doc Brown (created for Back to the Future day; currently inactive)

Automaton (NNID: automaton120) is a Miiverse user who primarily trashposts in the Panama Club. He joined Miiverse on May 29, 2015, although he is generally not considered to be a "filthy bandwagoner." He is most notable for his drawing posts. He is also currently an active member of Banama Club.

Auto's tragic backstory

Before Miiverse, Automaton was a Flipnote Hatena user. He was a 'Featured Artist' on that site and had been in hibernation on YouTube in the time between Hatena's demise and the day he joined Miiverse.

For the first few weeks of his Miiverse life, Automaton posted in the YTC and subsequenty moved to the WFUC . He felt more accepted there and became a moderately recognizable user, mostly because of his comics and drawings.

Trashposting life (AKA "How to ruin your life in one easy step, click here for this sneaky trick. Admins hate it!")

Automaton got a New 3DS for his birthday in July 2015. This allowed him to be more active on Miiverse and in the weeks leading up to the Redesign, Automaton found himself with a temporary ban due to admin notifications on his brother's account. This caused him to miss taking part in the 'festivities' surrounding the Redesign however watched the movements of his fellow trashposters closely as the event itself and his return grew nearer. Upon returning to the Redesigned Miiverse, Automaton resided in the NSLUC .

Over the summer his posts were primarily drawings until school made this difficult. Most drawings since then have adopted a more realistic style compared to the mini comic/pun-related drawings from the summer. He began making daily text posts and only posted a few drawings every week or so.

This continued until March 2016, when he joined the Panama Club trashposting movement. Automaton was present during Observer's attempt at turning the NSLUC against the Panama Club, and partly blames his own light-hearted post about the Panama Smashers being "prestige" for fuelling Observer's rumours. He was also invited to the join the Norway Club move, however returned to the Panama Club a day later when the move proved fruitless. As of April 2016, Automaton is still a daily patron of the Panama Club, despite being cynical about the move staying successful at first. He rarely posts anywhere else unless it's for the occasional Play Journal entry.

Some non-trashposting stuff that Automaton done did at some point

In late 2015, Automaton attempted a Splatoon comic series in Art Academy: Sketchpad, but much like almost anything else he tries to do this was never finished and forgotten about.

He is currently building a large city called 'Automatopolis' in Minecraft: Wii U Edition, with help from a few fellow trashposters (which is actually getting somewhere unlike most other Automaton projects).

Some friends/acquaintances/partners in crime


  • He is commonly referred to as 'Auto' by other users.
  • People frequently mis-spell his username as 'Automation' or 'Automan', which he hates to no end.
  • Automaton watched the Star Wars Holiday Special and lived to tell the tale.
  • He has the word 'tomato' (unintentionally) hidden in the middle of his Mii name and this leads to highly original comedy from those who notice it.
  • He's a big fan of Star Wars, Marvel, Batman and various other comics, movies and novels.
  • Automaton's first Mii was Bane from The Dark Knight Rises. He still called himself 'Automaton', though.
  • The first Smasher Automaton encountered on his earlier travels around the world of Miiverse was Jammy.
  • His favorite movie is Inception, his favorite comic is Watchmen and his favourite novel is Snow Crash.

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