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1fxhsgjtk10tw normal face
NNID Aubuscus_Wii_U
Age 16
Joined Unknown
Community Panama Club
Followers Unknown
System(s) owned Wii U and 3DS
Birthday April 24
Alts Aubuscus_3DS


Aubuscus (NNID: Aubuscus_3DS, Aubuscus_Wii_U, and Aubuscus_Alt), now known as Aubby, is a mostly active user on Miiverse. He has created an RPG called "Smash RPG" that has moved to and from 3 communities. It is currently in the Super Smash Bros. for Wii U/3DS Community. He returned the Arrow Meme on April 6th, 2015, making almost every one of the Smashers hate him for it.

He has made a Miiverse RPG (More like a show) called, "Smash RPG". It went on to be a success, making it the number 1 Miiverse RPG, but got sadly shut down after Aubuscus_Wii_U got permanently banned due to getting false reported.

Aubuscus was one of the most hated Smashers, until a miracle happened. A user named Korbin stated that Sahobo died due to being suicidal, but Aubuscus cleared that lie up, stating "Sahobo didn't die... she accepted my friend request today... so...". Over 89 people yeahed that post and over 150 comments were made on that post. Korbin then stated that Aubuscus was right, Sahobo did not die. The post can be found here.

Aubuscus has had some troubled times, getting false reported (Leading to a perma-ban on his Wii U account), losing his friends from Miiverse (Due to excessive Arrow posts), and his dad having a heart attack (Number of times mentioned on Miiverse: 2). But he has dealt with it all, no matter how tough it may had been.

He also joined Banama, dropping "uscus" and adding "by" to his name, becoming Aubby. He wrote 4 Banama Orgies. He was later banned because Aubby was too cool for the community. Aubby.


  • Aubuscus_3DS - Banned, 3DS Account, 52 followers
  • Aubuscus_Wii_U - Banned, Wii U Account, 224 followers
  • Aubuscus_Alt - Alt, inactive, 105 followers
  • aubbyisbackm8 - active, 71 followers 

Facts about Aubuscus

  • His real name is Auuubbbbbbb
  • He was born on 04/24/2001
  • He has been called the Arrow God and the Savior of the Wii Fit U community.
  • He is best friends with a YTC member.
  • His profile comment currently has a Pewdiepie brofist.
  • He is the first person to comment on the All Posts section of the Amazon community.

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