NNID megacrunch
Age 29
Joined 7/29/2014
Community Super Mario 3D World Community
Followers Unknown
System(s) owned SO Wiiu
Birthday 1/6/87
Alts Unknown

859 secs! BEAT THAT!

—Arin Grump's Only Post

Arin Grump (NNID: megacrunch) is the official Miiverse account for the Game Grumps. He has only ever made one post, which was when the Game Grumps were playing Super Mario 3D World. The post has since reached over +2,200 yeahs and 485 comments. He has, however, yeahed about 13 posts (which immediately made those posts popular), and commented on 2 (although he deleted one).

His sudden appearance on Miiverse almost doubled the number of posts on the Super Mario 3D World Community, and a huge majority of this increase is people trying to appear on an episode of Game Grumps.

It should also be noted that the Game Grumps have used multiple Wii Us for their Lets Plays, and a different Miiverse account was used in their Nintendo Land playthrough, where Arin posted a NSFW drawing of Luigi.

On YouTube

Arin usually makes videos on his own channel called Egoraptor, but he also creates videos with other YouTubers on the YouTube channel, GameGrumps. GameGrumps is a channel that mostly makes Lets Play videos, and sometimes its own animations or shorts. The channel was originally created by another well known Youtuber, JonTron , but he left the GameGrumps awhile back. Now Arin, Danny from NinjaSexParty, and others run the channel.

Game grumps

Game Grumps title card

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