Arguments are defined as "exchanges of diverging or opposite


views, typically a heated or angry one." Arguments occur on Miiverse often for a variety of reasons.

Recurring Miiverse Argument Topics

  • If a user is overrated or underrated
  • The better of two video games
  • Is off-topic posting against the Code of Conduct?
  • Arguments over characters not being in SSBU/SSB3DS
  • If memes are annoying or not
  • Whether or not Call of Duty is a better gaming franchise than Super Smash Bros., Mario, or any other Nintendo franchise (these are often jokes from the user who started the argument's perspective)
  • Arguments over whether a certain group "owns" a community or not (these arguments often include the Smashers)
  • If FNAF is bad or not.
  • Death Battles
  • Game Theories
  • Bigley vs Dug
  • Popular YouTubers and whether they deserve their subscribers or not.

Because arguments can become very intense, users in an argument will often say things without thinking, and these things can be what Miiverse Administration consider to be hateful/bullying content. After such users receive admin notifications, they grow more angry, and fuel the argument more, sometimes to the point of being banned from Miiverse.

Frequently Used Argument "Strategies"

Some people who argue on Miiverse use "techniques" that ensure their victory in an argument. These techniques are not hard to pull off, but can make people angry.

  1. Blocking. If you block someone you're arguing with (if the argument is on your post), then the opponent can not reply, and you can get the last word. Those who get the last word in an argument win. The opponent will likely tell a friend to ask you to unblock them, so this one may not work.
  2. Reporting. Most dub this strategy "False Reporting". Because of the nature of arguments, people get angry, and angry people say irrational things. Some Miiverse debaters may report everything their opponent says. When the opponent notices that one of their comments got deleted, the debater will delete all of theirs that could be considered hateful and leaves. Sometimes, you can get the opponent banned during an argument, which also confirms your victory, though the reporting route is almost never the right way to go, as the opponent in your debate could create an alternate account and report you.
  3. Attack of the friends/fanboys. If you're a popular user, you can call upon your fanboys to harass someone who's arguing with you. If you're not so popular, a good friend will do the same. This way, you'll have strength in numbers.

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