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Applez (NNID: KingAPPLEZ) is a Miiverse user that is in love with his OC, Lugli.


Applez joined summer of 2014 beginning a journey of terrible post. Legend says he was born from a mutated fruit basket. He became a Smasher a day after Super Smash Bros. for Wii U came out.


He posts off-topic in the New Super Luigi U Community. He also rarely posts on-topic in various communities of games he owns.


Applez has the OC Lugli which is based off a post where someone misspelled "Luigi." Then, Luigi the user was talking about was wearing pink, which is why Lugli wears pink clothing. He can turn into a poorly drawn bird and fly. Lugli has a brother named Mr. Io. His name was made by taking out the vowel, A. Like Lugli removes The vowel, I. Applez also has an OC named Mini Face. Mini Face is a Mii with a small face at the bottom of his head. He wears glasses because his eyes can't see things easily with his small eyes and normal brain.


  • His OC is an anagram of the character "Luigi" from the Super Mario franchise.

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