Anthony Luie Alle


Deez Miiz

Age 15
Joined Unknown
Community YouTube Community
Followers 793+
System(s) owned SO Wiiu SO N3ds
Birthday 3/22
Alts Anthony(G1G1L1A)

Anthony Luie Alle was a popular Miiverse user who once lead an entire group of people called "The Puppeteers". The initials were {A.M.P}, which stood for Anthony's Merry Puppeteers. He was known for single-handedly stopping a Miiverse war between the Super Smash Bros. Series Community and The Legend of Zelda Community, and surprisingly enough, the MEGA-MAN community.

He was known to call his close friends "mon ami", and uses the word "Heyo" so much that it's become his trademark.

The group was dropped after the Miiverse Redesign, but in it's day, was one of the most powerful groups on Miiverse. The goal of the group was to mediate conflicts and solve problems, but Anthony had a secret group called Clockworkers. The goal was similar to The Puppeteers, but they secretly took out offending users.

He's one of the most powerful users on Miiverse, although he stays hidden nowadays. He dropped his old account (NNID: G-G-L-A) and gave it to his friend. He now uses an account that just goes by Anthony (NNID: G1G1L1A).

A few members of {A.M.P} were very well known and particularly close with Anthony, such as {A.M.P}Annie (NNID: XxsilverspiritxX), and the co-founder of {A.M.P}, Emily (NNID: FlyingEmilemon)

He worked in reserve for emergencies and often battles a user named ¤ÇǤ Dark.


  • He goes by his middle name, Luie
  • He has five names (Anthony Luie Thomas Ryan Alle)
  • He is fifteen and fluent in French
  • He was an artist and actually a French singer. He was known to have a very unique nature and very friendly, but does have mental and emotional problems.

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