Anthony is a somewhat weird trashposter who posts a lot of things on different communities with his OCs as the characters and a few Mega Man, Sonic or Mario characters. He's been banned twice, and has a YT channel called Sanic 5515.

NNID sonic5515
Age 13
Joined 2014
Community YouTube Community

New Super Luigi U Community

Followers 513
System(s) owned SO Wiiu
Birthday January 16th
Alts Sonic55152


  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
  • Kid Icarus
  • The Legend of Zelda
  • Dragon Ball Z
  • Attack on Titan


▪He's been interviewed here.

▪He plans on making a series on his Youtube channel.

▪He and Adrian (Marioangrybirds) are good friends.

▪His main OC is a young man named S15 who has a computer backpack named Andrea.

▪He hates trolls.

▪He will be the leader of the war against Angry Eggman in 2016!

▪He hates Call of Duty.

▪His favorite vocaloid character is Kagamine Rin.

▪He was inspired by Adrian (Marioangrybirds) to make a lot of things his posts, his series, and his OC Sonic5515 or they simply call him 15.

▪He was one of the few people on the world that liked Sonic Boom.

▪He's been having problems trying to come up with a title for his series, but has posted sneak peeks about it.

▪When the Miiverse Redesign was almost around, he made a series of shorts called "The last day of Miiverse", but it really didn't go that far.

▪He likes everything Silent Hill related.


"Great, now I'm overusing pickle and peanut jokes..."

"R.I.P that tasty burger 1899-1445"

"Do you hear that? that's the sound of a thousand dongs expanding this way"

"I'm just a 13 year old who has a fetish with a vocaloid character "

Early Miiverse life

Anthony first got his Wii U on Christmas 2013, he didn't join Miiverse until September 2014, he first started posting to the Nintendo Land community,but didn't really post much, he then began to post to the Megaman 7 community, where he then grew more interest in Miiverse.


  • Eman
  • Manuel
  • Emmanuel
  • Reiyanne
  • Robbie
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