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Anthony is a famous user known for making rap battles on Miiverse.

He later got banned because people were jealous of his popularity.


Swampert_Fan (Main) ~ 231 posts, 32,401 posts yeahed, 100 friends, following 217, and 2,670 followers.

Swampert_Fan1 (Alt) ~ 66 posts, 722 posts yeahed, ? friends, following ?, and ? followers.


Anthony has moved his Miiverse rap battles to his website. He plans to continue to make cover art for new battles on Miiverse but post all the lyrics to his site. You can visit the website here.


The majority of his raps are between various Nintendo characters but some are between various miiverse users, memes or even inspired by Miiverse events.

He has remade some of his Rap Battle of the Wii U on his YouTube Channel.

Some of his raps include, Allan vs. Nicole, Hatty vs. Trey, Shrek vs. Bigley, Bernd+ vs. Jordan, Smash Run vs. Meme Run, Sakurai vs. the Leaker, YouTubers vs. Smashers 2, and Users vs. Admins.