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Joined 1/4/2015
Community New Super Luigi U Community
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SO N3ds

Birthday 11/01
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Anthony☆ (currently Dr. Meme) is a semi-popular Smasher and former Youtuber who posts on the New Super Luigi U Community, and sometimes posts on other communities. He has made a Miiverse clan, but he doesn't mention it anymore.

Reactions to updates

Most of the time, he wouldn't mind the Miiverse Updates, but when the Update of 24/6 and the Miiverse Redesign was announced, he was outraged.

In every Miiverse announcement, he would spam "#DemocracyforMiiverse"


  • He conquered many Japanese and European Wii Sports Club country communities. But he gave them to Morimoto, except for Tochigi.
  • He usually yeah-bombs.
  • He gets 1 to 200+ yeahs on his posts.
  • He like using this face a lot: ( ͜ʖ ͡ ° °)
  • Somebody thought that this person and a user with a Minion Mii called Miinion are the same person. That is not true.
  • One of his posts got featured in a Miiverse video.
  • His favourite Pokémon is Reshiram.
  • He uses the Tochigi Club as his activity feed.