Cv2h2szklvq1 normal face
NNID I_am_awesome255
Age 15
Joined Summer 2014
Community Wii Fit U Community
Followers unknown
System(s) owned SO Wiiu
Birthday June 19
Alts Too many to remember or list.

im ant


Ant is a console banned troll who used to post in the Smash Bros CommunityZelda Community, and Wii Fit U Community. He's been console banned from Miiverse 5 times (crazy, we know) and was even permanently banned from LMR, twice. His NNID is I_am_awesome255.

Months later, the LMR Admins decided to give all the users who were supposed to be permanently banned from LMR a second chance, which meant that Ant was also un-banned. On December 31, 2015, Ant received his 20th chat ban since being un-banned and was permanently banned from chat again. Since the removal of the 20 whole bans and then a permanent ban, Ant has been un-banned from chat.  

Miiverse History

Ant usually posted dank memes and off-topic stuff on Miiverse. Ant is known for creating SwegClan and getting banned around 65 times. He is also known to spam, spam, SPAM! He is known by Jose and Rosaline as well.  On Miiverse he's had many people make alts for him which are all banned. After a user named Ness deleted his NNID to make Travis an alt, Ant was no more.
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