3nkuvdfmq3n7r normal face
NNID Angelic-Angel
Age Unknown
Joined Unknown
Community YouTube Community (YTC)
Followers 1050+
System(s) owned SO Wiiu

SO N3ds

Birthday Unknown
Alts Unknown

Angel, also known by her Nintendo Network ID (Angelic-Angel) is an active Miiverse user. She's a Youtube community member that enjoys drawing and sometimes practicing pixel art. Angel has yeahed 53000+ things and has made 1000+ posts.

What Communities does she use?

She posts mostly on the YouTube Community. For awhile Angel mainly posted in the Yoube community posting and drawing pictures, she eventually decided to move to the WFU community to try something new as she got bored with the YouTube community. In the WFU community, Angel would often posts some of things she usually posted in the YouTube community, over time she started becoming a little bit more like the smasher, posting jokes and memes. Angel eventually got tired and bored of the WiiFit U community and felt that she didn't fit in, so she decided to move back to the YouTube community on 5/29/2015. In the YouTube community Angel continues to post drawings and pixel art.

Facts about Angel

  •  She is a Yeah Bomber
  • She draws pixel art and anime

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