André GX
NNID GameXplain
Age 31
Joined November 17, 2012
Community Varied
Followers 10000+
System(s) owned SO Wiiu

SO N3ds

Birthday February 8th
Alts Unknown
Andre is a YouTuber who helps makes videos for the channel, GameXplain and he's also a huge Nintendo fan.


Andre made his first Miiverse post on 11/17/12, which is also when he most likely joined Miiverse. Andre isn't a very active Miiverse user, he mostly posts screenshots and handwritten posts. He usually uses Miiverse for GameXplain Mario Kart 8 tournaments.

Fun Fact: He was the first poster in the Just Dance 4 Community.


Andre is very active making videos for the YouTube channel GameXplain. He often makes Discussion, reviews, and analysis videos.

You can view GameXplain's channel here

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