Oh my gosh here is LIVING PROOF!!!
Amy's Ban is an infamous Miiverse event that happened on 9/15/2014 and on 7/20/15. The 9/15/14 ban is infamous for being the first known Verified User ban. Ironically, the ban was for a Nintendo employee. After she was unbanned, and claimed that she was just 'invisible' for a short period of time for her "vacation". However, many Miiverse users saw through and believed that this was a lie, which resulted in many users making theories.


Many rumors have spread on why she was banned. People have rumoured that the reason Amy got banned is because Tom and Amy broke up with each other in real life, thus Tom banning Amy. However, these are people are most likely joking. Another rumor also has it that her McDonald's post, which contained an image of Mario Kart 8 prize toys from Happy Meals on a table, was deleted for violating the Code of Conduct's rules over copyright.

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