Alpharad ☆
Squid stuff isn't even that good.
NNID Alpharad
Age 20
Joined 9/18/14
Community Unknown
Followers 7400+
System(s) owned SO Wiiu Wii U
Birthday 12/19
Alts Unknown

AlpharadTV (also know as Alpharad, Alpha, or Jacob), is a popular YouTuber, competitive Smash Bros. player, and Miiverse user. He is most popular for his "How to Play 101" and "A Story For Glory" series, but he has many more such as "Squid Stuff," "Challenge Mode," "Amiibo Battlefield," "Mario Maker Minus," "#AskApharad," "Rivals Of Alpha," "On For Glory," and "Jumpplay." Alpharad is responsible for the creation of many memes.

On Miiverse

Support roy

an example of his drawings.

Alpharad mostly uses Miiverse for uploading Super Mario Maker courses, stages from "Challenge Mode," and support community drawings, but does occasionally post other content. 

On YouTube


His icon

Alpha currently has over 200 thousand subscribers on YouTube. As previously stated, he has a variety of content, most of which involves him playing Wii U games.


  • How to Play 101: Meme-filled montages of Alpha playing games, mostly SSB4 Characters.
  • Challenge Mode: Alpha invites another Smashtuber to talk and play SSB4 on his custom stages.
  • A Story for Glory: Alpha plays on For Glory while usually telling a story and goofing off.
  • Squid Stuff: Similar to A Story for Glory, but with Splatoon.
  • Mario Maker Minus: Alpha showcases courses he's made in Super Mario Maker.
  • Amiibo Battlefield: Battles between Alpharad's various amiibo.
  • #AskAlpharad:Alpha answers questions from fans on Twitter.
  • On For Glory: Alpharad acts as a stereotypical main of a character on For Glory.
  • Replay Hut: Alpha takes replays submitted by people and puts them all-in-one.
  • Friends Without Benefits: A gameplay channel where Alpharad and friends play various games.

Memes He Has Started

  • 0.6/10
  • Squid Stuff isn't even that good
  • John Paul Arnoult/John for Challenge mode
  • Science Museum
  • "Go further" "Where?"
  • Falcon Punch to Down Taunt = True Combo
  • Cape OP pls nerf
  • #FindMadDawg

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