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NNID AlextheLucario
Age 22
Joined 2013
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System(s) owned SO Wiiu SO N3ds
Birthday 10/03
Alts none

AlextheLucario is some obscure guy who really likes Pokémon and playing video games.


He's a pretty neutral guy that doesn't show much expression very often. He wouldn't say or draw anything that would get him banned. It's rare-ish for him to comment on someone's post. It's rarer for him to Yeah a post or comment. He is quite modest; he considers himself to be an ok artist and to have slightly over average gaming skill, and never claims to be greater than anyone else.

Alex has a deep affection for Nintendo and the majority of their characters and gets extremely offended when someone criticizes anything Nintendo related (but usually doesn't do or say anything about it).

He wishes he had more people to talk to or play games with.

Likes to meme.


Daydreamin' Alex

The latest drawing of lucario-Alex Alex has posted at the time this page was made

In his drawings, Alex is portrayed as a lucario (hence the name). The other characters he'll draw on Miiverse are Leif the eevee, Cyril the victini and Takum the mudkip.

Group pic

Alex's cast of characters Alex drew with 3DS app Colors! 3D

He doesn't tend to draw as much as he used to. Though, lately he's taken to using the Photo Studio feature of Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and "painting" on them.

Hi-3 with Mewtwo

Some drawings


  • Changed his nickname to "Alexio" from "Alex" so he's not just some other Alex, May 23rd 2015.

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