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hello guys im Adriel and I'm a big fan of Nintendo and also a big anime fan too i also like to draw, watch Anime and play Video Games.

—His profile bio

Adriel is a somewhat known user that is infamous for his many character requests and broken English on the Super Smash Bros. Community. He has been on Miiverse since 2013 or possibly since 2012. He loves anime, especially Dragon Ball Z. Adriel has a 3DS and two accounts:

  • Adriel_UltimateX (Deleted)

Adriel's Character Requests...

Adriel's favorite anime is Dragon Ball Z, as mentioned before. He asks for Goku to be in Smash.

Adriel post 1
Adriel post 2
Adriel post 3

Adriel wants other characters in too, such as Ichigo from Bleach to be playable in Hyrule Warriors. He also requested Rock Lee from Naruto to be in Smash. However these requests aren't as prominent as the Goku ones. With these requests, though, he is prone to saying things like "Goku we be tomorrow in SSB4" or "the Wario comments is try me crazy."

The biggest reason that people know about him is the Please Sakurai Tumblr (Which is currently inactive). They've even added an #adriel tag due to the many posts they have of him. However, he doesn't just request for Goku.

Adriel does have friends on Miiverse who will back him up and possibly report users who go against him. Two users called shaheed and toaster still try to convince him he is wrong and have been doing so since 2014. At one point Adriel even made a post hoping that when Sakurai stops making Smash Bros, the new creators will change the formula and bring anime characters into it. Some users see his posts as obvious bad requests they instantly comment on them labeling him a weeaboo. Adriel has confirmed he likes Japan, most likely only because of anime and the mature styled anime he allegedly watches, which other users state is liking Japan for all the wrong reasons. He doesn't seem to like Japan for anything else really as he never acknowleged Japan's culture. Some users think he has an unhealthy obsession with anime.

The Flame War of Bandana Dee

Trash garbage

Illustration found at the top of the post.

On 4/8/15, after the Smash Bros. Fighter Ballot was revealed, he made three posts requesting for other users to vote for Goku, despite the rules of characters still applying. One of his posts involving a picture of Bandana Dee (a character whom Adriel disliked) with an X over him turned into a flame war in which many users stated that Bandana Dee would have more chance than Goku. This resulted in Adriel calling Bandana Dee too weak for Smash and then went on to create multiple posts made in Smash Bros. with Smash Bros. characters making fun of Bandana Dee. Eventually, some users just screwed around with Smash Bros. posts making fun of Adriel. You can see the original post here:


  • "Hunler Warriora"
  • "No Newelcomer this month?"
  • "Don't had to much games"
  • "Dog Hunt"
  • "Sense Shulk's Leak"
  • "I be bullying by me friends"
  • "I want Regna from Blazblue be SSB4"
  • "How I had baby in Tomadochi Life"
  • "She don't like videogame"
  • "She only like Regueton music and I hate requeton."
  • "Dog Hung"
  • "Who is gonna play as Dog Hunt?"
  • "Add Duck Hunt Dog in Smash is like add Cocking Mama or add Miying Buu in Smash."
  • "Squette"
  • "Ivasuol"
  • "Fox voice sound's like Chackie Chan."
  • "Don't told me you hate anime."
  • "Geeninja"
  • "vote for Goku and Gunvort"


  • He was not always "Adriel". At one point, he was "Adri-Giku".
  • Wants Tebuu playable in Smash.
  • He has stated that he is, in fact, 16 years old.
  • He believes if Miyamoto made Smash the only 3rd party character would be Pac-Man.
  • Adriel is technically a Smasher.