"Why hello everyone! "

—Adrian's Profile Comment
2ev95djg6wbup normal face
NNID marioangrybirds
Age 14
Joined 2014
Community YouTube Community
Followers 803
System(s) owned SO Wiiu
Birthday March 18th
Alts marioangrybirdsfan2



Adrian is a user on Miiverse. He has made a series that he calls "Sf9 The Ghost Crusading Dimension Dude.", starring his original character Sf9. He currently posts in the YouTube Community. Adrian also has a YouTube channel, and it can be found here: Sf9. Adrian has been banned from Miiverse twice.


In 2014, he got a Wii U and joined Miiverse. He was very inactive since he was only interested in the Wii U's games. Then, in May - July, he was gone. He later returned, being more active and made tons of friends such as Ian, (blue at the time) and Chant. He started his series Sf9 Ghost Crusading Dimension Dude, an idea he's always had since 2011, but he was banned on December 31st. He then made his alt as soon as he got banned, and created his Super Smash Life series.


After he was unbanned, he met more friends such as Justin, and Seth. On March 17th, he got an imposter, claiming that he is Adrian from the future. Luckily, however, the imposter deleted his account. On April, he made his first video on his YouTube Channel. On July, Adrian made the final episode of his series, S.G.C.D.D. However, he said he will continue it in his Google Plus community. After the redesign, Adrian still sticks around on Miiverse, but is inactive most of the time.


"Hello there Sf9 here with a new commentary."


  • His name was originally Sf9, after his O.C.
  • His O.C. is a light blue ghost and has a computer backpack named "Alley".
  • He is considered to be a part of the OriginaBloodAce commentators.
  • He claims he has the powers of Jason Griffith and Xander Mobus.
  • His favorite food is buffalo wings.

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