Adrian is a user that is known for being Evee (or was it Eevee. Sometimes he's DrpUmbreon. Geez, Adrian, make up your fucking mind.), the firespreading object of mass destruction.

Derp Eevee
NNID AdrianOshawott3
Age 13
Joined November 1st, 2014
Community Ontario Community
Followers 1033 followers
System(s) owned SO WiiuSO N3ds
Birthday July 1st
Alts Suprised


What has he done?

As for memes, he was known for the biting meme. (bites *insert user name*)

He also made the "Love isn't real because X" meme

And he also references combustible lemons quite a bit, as reference to Portal 2. *insert Cave Johnson combustible lemons dialogue*

He's mostly cynical, and rants about the many things he finds wrong about Miiverse, Smashers mostly.


He has 3 that he uses.

  • Suprised (anything), view this account here.
  • AdrianOshawott3 (Main), view this account here.
  • AdrianOshawott (3DS, and alt), view this account here.


  • He joined Miiverse on 4/5/13, however Eevee aka AdrianOshawott3 was created on 11/1/14.
  • There is an AdrianOshawott and AdrianOshawott3, but no longer a AdrianOshawott2.
  • He has been NNID banned TWICE. One had 400 follows (AdrianOshawott2), the other had 500 follows. (HuskyMudkipzNOT)
  • He has had 6 accounts.

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