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Pikmin is love, Pikmin is life.


Adam is a Smasher on Miiverse who likes to post about random stuff in his mind. He is a huge fan of the Pikmin series and is mostly care-free all of the time. He joined Miiverse somewhere during 2013 and joined the Smashers during The Legend of Zelda takeover. He also has an Le Miiverse Resource account and tries to find stuff to edit or to make a new page.

Mayro & Lugee Draem Taem

Mayro & Lugee Draem Taem

Adam's Theme

Le Miiverse Resource History

Adam joined Le Miiverse Resource on August 31st, 2014 as 'OlimarBrawl' but then changed it to TomodachiDerp. He joined because he found out his name was on The Miiverse Movie page. He's had some hiatuses because his new computer would'int let him edit. He lives in a Bowling Ball inside a Pen and is a PayPal credit card. He is also know as Voobo.

You can view his account here.

amiibo Collection


Him just killing 5 Admins and 2 Badmins.


  • His first post was on the Wario's Woods Community and it was a drawing that said Toad.
  • He has posted on Miiverse with ever single media that has a internet browser. (Yes, even on TV.)
  • During a period of time, he never touched his Wii U.
  • He also has a 3DS.
  • He has a YouTube Channel called Steve the Red Pikmin.


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