His Mii.
NNID bigbenlondon
Age Unknown
Joined Unknown
Community Unknown
Followers 509
System(s) owned SO WiiuSO N3ds
Birthday Unknown
Alts SmAly

MudKipU supermario8775 ItsMyAlt smaffie

AceBen (bigbenlondon) is a Miiverse user who has over 450 followers. He is part of the PKRS club and is also the leader and founder of the DR clan, as well as a few other clans.


  • Ben (MudkipU)
  • Declan (ItsMyAlt)
  • Craig (smaffie)


  • AceBen (bigbenlondon) ~ Main, last used on 5/10/15, Wii U&3DS, 488 followers, following 47, 9 friends, 606 posts, and 48,940 posts yeahed.
  • Alex (thompsonjlab) ~ Alt, last used on 7/20/14, Wii U, Connections Private, 14 posts, and 562 posts yeahed.
  • Toon Ben (SpeedrunAceBen) ~ Alt, last used on 5/4/14, Wii U, 29 followers, following 49, 0 friends, 16 posts, and 1,021 posts yeahed.
  • TryhardMii (Zelda-lified) ~ Clan Account, last used on 2/25/15, Wii U, 17 followers, following 0, 30 friends, 3 posts, and 3 posts yeahed.



  • His first follower was a user named søρнίe.
  • He is a huge Legend of Zelda fan.
SamTron's Cold Armadillos

The Armadillos: Ben, PB, Declan, AceBen, DaRrEN, Ryan, Dov, Craig, Firlow, Ryan(CaptainMario_777), John, Marco Polo, Buster, McMeSki, Piano, Nathan, Omega★Star, Ethan, Link, Mike

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