The A Typical Miiverse Relationship Series is one of the YouTube series ran by the Miiverse user Giga Gamby.

The series is similar to Worst Posts on Miiverse, another YouTube series made by Giga Gamby. However, one difference between Worst Posts on Miiverse and A Typical Miiverse Relationship is that, the episodes in the A Typical Miiverse Relationship series revolve around one situation, unlike Worst Posts on Miiverse, which shows numerous different things.

Another difference between the two YouTube series is that the episodes only cover dating posts, where Worst Posts on Miiverse covers many different types of posts.

 List of Episodes

A Typical Miiverse Relationship

The first video of the series was uploaded on January 11th, 2015, where a girl named Angel was looking for bad boys to chat with. Many different people commented on this post, including Giga Gamby.

A Typical Miiverse Relationship 2: Degraverse

The second episode was made on Valentines Day, 2015, featured a user named Colin (NNID:STARBOMBRULES) and a girl named Pearly. He wanted to Wii U Chat, but Pearl didn't. This ended up In Peal accusing Colin of showing her "something" over WiiU chat, despitethem not ever WiiU chatting.

A Typical Miiverse Relationship 3: Fifty Shades of Gamby

This episode was uploaded on March 8th, 2015. This one featured a girl named diamond who asked "dose anyone wanna hook up." Giga Gamby commented and the two started to chat, with Giga Gamby referencing the movie "Fifty Shades of Grey".

A Typical Miiverse Relationship 4: Try Not to Cringe

Uploaded on April 5th, 2015, (although most of it takes place in August 2014), this one features a user named Jackson, who wants to make friends with people who went to a place called "Dollywood" in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. Another user named DAVIS 00 shows up, and Jackson accuses him of bullying him, even though DAVIS 00 says that he would never intentionally hurt his feelings. After a few minutes, a girl named Lexie showed up and Jackson asks her out. 7 months later, Jackson posted "I need a girlfriend" and Giga Gamby replied, saying "I'm telling Lexie".

A Typical Miiverse Relationship 5: How to Boyfriend

This episode was about a girl named Evil Wolf and how Giga Gamby cheats on her. Kinyo returns in this one (as she was in the first episode of the series), but nobody knows if Kinyo is really mad at Giga Gamby. This one was uploaded on July 10th, 2015.

A Typical Miiverse Relationship 6: The Creepy and the Cringey

A girl named CAT ASHLEY is pointing out how she missed the Pokemon Meloetta, then a user named Tito comes and they stir up a conversation.

A Typical Miiverse Relationship 7: God Has Abandoned Us

Uploaded on September 20th, 2015, a girl named Audry looks for a boyfriend and finds a boy named Elijah, and another girl named Kittycat comes and tells Audry that he was cheating on her, and Audry screams at her. Elijah acts as if he were an angel, but after that, a Girl named Spiritgirl shows up and tells Audry that Elijah is hers and Elijah says "It wasn't me it's all you" Then Audry screams at both of them.

A Typical Miiverse Relationship 8: How To Catch A James

Uploaded on November 29, 2015, a boy named James makes a posts that says "Got to go to work" then SnowPup commented and that is how it all started.

A Typical Miiverse Relationship 9: The Role Playing Games

Uploaded on January 31, 2016, Sean makes a post for him and a girl that are trying to get back together.

A Typical Miiverse Relationship 10: Crafty Couple

Uploaded on March 6, 2016, Zeek make a pedophile like Minecraft post encouraging girls to join him, the mimzy comments and that's where the crafty puns begins.

A Typical Miiverse Relationship 11: Oh Baby

Uploaded on April 3 2016, Noah makes a posts wishing everyone a good Christmas, then basketball commented, that's where the cringe begins.

A Typical Miiverse Relationship 12: Weeaboo Wannabes

Uploaded on April 24, 2016, faZe_RebBy makes a post, Keima commented, that's where it all begins.

A Typical Miiverse Relationship 13: LOL

Uploaded on May 26, 2016, PikaDemon makes a posts expressing her feeling, boys come running in.

A Typical Miiverse Relationship 14: Never Gonna Give You Up

Uploaded on June 28, 2016, Twins makes a post saying "GIRLS!", then some boys come in, starting a party.

A Typical Miiverse Relationship 15: Deleted by Administrator

Deleted by administrator.

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