Miiverse Peace

On Sunday January 4th, 2015, The Corrupted Rebels and SDA decided on an agreement, officially ending any and all conflict between the Smashers and the Zeldians/Hylians, resulting in a true peace. The Smashers are safe, and the and the Zeldians/Hylians are as well. This means that there will certainly be less false reporting between the two groups. However, there will always be tension between them, as well. The conflict initially began when the when the Smashers were in search of a new home after the Super Smash Bros. Community was insufficient for their needs. They decided to move to The Legend of Zelda Community which stirred up a dilemma because of the off-topic aspect they brought to an on-topic environment. There was much regret, many scars, and Miiverse may never be the same.

Then we can agree on something. Yes, I've realized I'm wrong in many things, but not in the fact that you all invaded our community. I don't regret fighting for it either, yet I regret my choice of battle...

—Cold Midna


Cold Midna, has created yet another private Corrupted Rebels Chatroom with her fellow group members when there was a sudden Smasher outbreak in their beloved community. Their initial plan was to exterminate popular and upper class users to continue extinguishing them as a whole. The members of the Corrupted Rebels were Cold Midna (…«Sнeιк»…), Deku Boy, and Demon. Their plan was suddenly interrupted by Dr. James 3, which he immediately had the urge to tell the other Smashers about, he continued to stay neutral, however he felt he was one at heart. Mr. Left, a users loved by many, has stood up with his beliefs, and bravely admitted his opinion, but ending with an apology. This allowed each other to comply and continued to respect one another. Deku Boy finally declared peace between both groups.

So many of my friends....banned, because of your group. Some of them even got console bans, and I never heard from them again. Others I knew now hate Miiverse, and refuse to come back. But even though all of this has happened, I can't bring myself to dislike you. All I can do is say I'm sorry.

—Mr. Left


  • ColdMidna still holds her beliefs close to her heart, and continues to patrol The Legend of Zelda Community to this day, protecting the Zeldians/Hylians.
  • There may or may not be future private chatrooms between the Corrupted Rebels.
  • Many Smashers are still unaware of this event.
  • Cold Midna's operation stated in that chatroom did not occur.
  • It is advised NOT to make any harsh comments on that post, doing so could result in an unwanted ban by her group.

Don't believe her when she says she's sorry. Why would she bother? She's got just what she wants right where she wants it. Tread with caution.


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