The 6/24 Update Rebellion was a group that is against the update of 6/24 that involves console-banning user profiles that have been permanently banned. They undergo plans and operations to try and get into contact with Nintendo Verified Users to deliver their feedback. This group is hosted by a user called Horse II (NNID: HorseAlt ). He states that he is in fact, an original Smasher. This user also believes that bandwagoners are considered cool, and that it is a good thing that they are joining in on the Smasher communities. His profile display "base posts" that are large chatrooms involving dozens of other users while they discuss plans and suggestions. They have even created a petition form to cancel this update entirely. You can view it here.


With this ongoing event, many users have been receiving admin strikes due to the uproar and levels of aggression in their posts and comments. It is unknown if this rebellion group has been making any progress to Nintendo about their perspective on this update. So far his base posts have reached 100+ Yeahs and 300+ comments. He typically transfers the large group to other posts as well to discuss different topics or plans on the matter.


  • His original post about the recruitment of his rebellion has obtained nearly 600 Yeahs and 1000+ comments.
  • This group is assumed to have multiple leaders.
  • There are other plans to get the word out, such as contact famous YouTuber, Peanut Butter Gamer, and they have already gotten in contact with famous YouTuber, Etika.
  • The group had a permanent base of operations at Nyo (for_the_people). It can be found [1]here.
  • The account Nyo has been deleted.
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