Yr46pr5yl9aj normal face
NNID NinFan2001
Age Unknown
Joined Unknown
Community Unknown
Followers 863+
System(s) owned SO Wiiu SO N3ds
Birthday Unknown
Alts Unknown
Mortonio, also known as ★Mortonio★, is a user of Miiverse. He is a pro at Mario Kart 8 and other games, especially Sm4sh. He is also an anime fan by the way. NinFan2001 is actually his main account as well.


Mortonio is an awesome and amazing 15 year old gamer, who is a proud Christian, and he doesn't really Wii U Chat ANYONE he doesn't even know in reality. He even first joined Miiverse since Christmas of 2012 or 13. And yes, that was after he got his first Wii U. Because he has 2 Wii U's, though. For real. He got his second one a few years later. He does have a 3DS as well, AND, a Wii of his own.


Throughout his time on Miiverse, Mortonio has had many fateful encounters, but there is simply too many to count. He has frequent falling outs with his friends, but this is simply due to the fact they can't handle the heat. He is well respected among his friends, and posts very frequently everyday. His posts usually consist of varying subjects, such as the weather, what those stupid badmins are doing to Miiverse and about how he changed his Mii to his anime Mii.


He is real popular, having over A LOT of followers, who love and respect him very much. His posts are magnificent, extraordinary, and just, well, fantastic. This is EXACTLY why he deserves such a spot on this wiki. He has over 100 friends, reaching the friend limit, this is because, well, who doesn't want to be Mortonio's friend? He, along with all his friends and followers, will unite and free Miiverse from the badmins/trashmins.

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