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His Mii.
NNID cherrydog13
Age 10
Joined December 27, 2015
Community YouTube Community
Followers 1400+
System(s) owned SO Wiiu SO N3ds
Birthday 1/30/06
Alts chery1313

★★снеяяу★★ network. (Users he controls)

I'm here to entertain you, here to give you a laugh, here to give you a wow, here to have fun. Here to be "★★снеяяу★★"

—★★снеяяу★★, 2016
Theme of sanic hegehog01:50

Theme of sanic hegehog

Cherry loves Sanic So much he made a drawing about him [1]


Based of of the video

★★снеяяу★★ is an artist on Miiverse with over 1,400+ followers. He does box/abstract art p to other users.

Series by ★★снеяяу★★

  • Grape boards
  • ★★снеяяу★★'s Summer Bash
  • Quirky Quotes
  • YouTuonecial Writing posts
  • Cherry Talk
  • Hint(DE)

Profile co

  • his account. He is in The semi-popular Kids Club, which he made with another user. He's widely known for his art and quick follower gaining. He has a lot of people who look up to him, but, he still looks ube posts
  • Sp


Faces: √(°•°√) \_(^0^)_/–(;0;)– *(ºoº)*_(-O-)_*

неłłо, į'м ★★снеяяу★★ ƒяом тне PAU оп мϊϊvеяςе.аlso шеłł кпошп аятįςт нere. Уоц мау кпош ме fоя му воx/авςтяаст аят. еνеяу fоłłош įς арряесįатеd, неłрς ме маке Greaт роςтς. мояе веłош↓

I΄м тне ƒяцίт мап ίп


  • ★★снеяяу★★ comes from Long Island and is only 10.
  • ★★снеяя мίίvеяςе сίту

Facts AbouSPKC Membe

  • His name is Cherry aying "Thanks for ★ has done guest drawings for 3 accounts. Evan (1122Evan), Ryan (Champcookie2), & jack (chery1313). so he's pretty popular amr

- No Follow 4 Follow


у★★ got 1000 followers on 7/9/16.

  • ★★снеяяу★★ has bt Me!:

- l0 years old - 1400+ Followers - Left-handed - I Draw on 2DS - A [ΜΘΠ] and Teen banned 2 times.

  • From 5/2rite drawing of his is his coke guest drawings.
  • His favorite game is Soall the yeahs, comments and follows".
  • ★★снея4/16-5/28/16 he had a little backlash where he lost 20 followers. You can see this in one post where he says: "as you know I've been deleting posts, more in the comments". He closes it off with a post sdgehog (2006).
  • His favoяу★nic the Hebecause he made a Sonic fan character named Cherry.


★★снеяяу★★'s Mii's

Guest Drawings


★★снеяяу★★ has been a big Nintendo fan since he got the Wii December 25th, 2009. He played it almost everyday. His family's favorite. Home video is of him playing Tennis on Wii sports! His video gaming experience went on from there until a special day. On September 7th, 2015 his account was professionally started. Then on December 27th, 2015 he made his first drawing. At first his account was a "abomination". It was like that until he progressed through his account and started to make decent drawings. Now he make very good drawings. Has 106 yeahs on his best post, and 1200+ followers.


★★снеяяу★★ made his own clan on 10/6/16 called P.A.U (Pixel Artists United) and is open for registration now, He made it with the idea of getting more followers and having more friends. The TSPKC only was in the summer because Amaan Wasn't on during the school year. So he got some very good artists from his follower base. He got his Proclaimed "Pixel Artist Brother" Ayden. Now he plans on getting much more members.

other social medias

Youtube- Cherry Miiverse @cherrydog13

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