1p6jje7efk8ky normal face (1)
NNID 8-Bitnumber2
Age 15
Joined Unknown
Community Percy's Predicament Community
Followers 1462+
System(s) owned SO Wiiu

SO N3ds

Birthday 08/10
Alts Unknown

"I'm too bitterlicious for ya."

—8-Bit, 2014
Goku (PeePee)



His mysterious pet. (Pootis Bird)


8-Bit's drawing of his waifu.

■8-Bit■ (NNID: 8Bitistheboss) was a pretty popular Miiverse user that mucked around in Miiverse. He had more than 1462 followers. He sometimes trolled people too. He always posted in the Super Smash Bros community. He was also quite of an artist too.

He was a SmashyClub member.

Memes 8-Bit started

  • Nintendo created Peter Pan (which him and Gabi made)
  • Someone stole my bike


He got about 4 temp bans and 1 perma ban for doing stupid things. On his second 3DS on his Alt (NNID: 8-BitAlt), he got 4 perma bans which got him console banned.


  • He hates his neighbor Carlos so much probably because of how super annoying he is.
  • A few people are scared of him because of his sexy Mii.
  • He got beaten by Ping for some unknown reason.
  • He also got beaten by Dr. Eggman for what he said to his Wiki.
  • 8-Bit loves Zephyr so much.
  • He also hates this stupid Bit army meme.
  • He loves when people say "8 bit X Zephyr is better than Izzephyr"


I'm too Bitterlicious for ya.

Someone stole my bike

Clifford the big red dog is bigger than Ridley


Zephyr is sexy

Nintendo really fucked up the Peter Pan games

Cory Baxter robbed my house

Keep calm and shut up

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