3rwqoalhwblyl normal face
NNID Gabes8thAccount(active)

Gabes7thAccount(old main)

Age 14
Joined December 19th, 2013
Community New Super Luigi U Community
Followers Nobody gives a crap
System(s) owned 3DS
Birthday 11/27
Alts Unknown
ȚЗĦ ĢΛßΣ is a common Miiverse user who spends most of his time on the New Super Luigi U Community. He is 69 years old, and only has a 3DS.

He has been banned over 15 times, with 7 permanent bans.

3rwqoalhwblyl normal face

He made a new account (Gabes8thAccount) and plans to delete his old main NNID to avoid getting a permanent ban.

But he did a Marioman57 in his new account and his username was briefly changed to "Thanks" for some reason.

The great E-Mail scam

Gabe claimed that he had received an email from Nintendo about the redesign once. He said that special communities would be cut, and others such as Hulu plus, Netflix, and Youtube. He also said that custom comminites were going to happen. This was all a lie and got many users disapointed


  • He plays Roblox
  • He supports #Shrulk (Shrek X Shulk)
  • He once got banned from nothing but 2 "personal information" COMMENTS. CMON, ADMINS.
  • He only has 31 followers.


  • "Five Nights at Foster's home for imaginary friends."
  • "Silly Trix, Kids are for Rabbits!"
  • "If this gets 30 yeahs I will MarioMan57 my way into a ban." (This got 37 yeahs)
  • "If you're here to block me, I don't blame you."

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