NNID Amir516
Age 17
Joined Late 2012
Community New Super Luigi U, Legend Of Zelda Series, Youtube
Followers 800+
System(s) owned SO Wiiu SO N3ds
Birthday October 17th
Alts None yet

ßεαςτ99 is your standard Miiverse user most of the time but usually lets his emotions get the better of him. Ever since losing his friend Breezy he decided to gain popularity within the Youtube Community by his artwork and relatively strange posts which eventually helped him gain some fame during 2014-15. While on the brink to fame many of his followers and friends had soon left Miiverse due to the update which caused ßεαςτ99 to go through an inner breakdown later attempting to regain what he had lost. These days he normally lurks the New Super Luigi U community posting random things to gain attention as he believes he's being ignored. At one point ßεαςτ99 used to have a rivalry with the likes of Mii King and Phantasma but is now on friendly terms with them both.

He has been temporarily banned 4 times.


ßεαςτ99 formerly known as F5BEAST joined Miiverse in the fall of 2012 mainly posting things related to gaming. These games would be that of Pokemon, Super Mario and The Legend of Zelda but little did he know what Miiverse was truly about. Shortly after purchasing Mario Kart 8 he encountered a person named Breezy whom he later befriended. With the amount of times they played together Breezy happened to find the Youtube Community in late 2013 and soon informed ßεαςτ99. After continuous usage of inappropriate posts by both Breezy and ßεαςτ99 they received their first 2 week ban. Shortly after ßεαςτ99 developed feelings for Breezy but was unable to confess it to her as she mysteriously disappeared with her NNID being terminated in the process. This left ßεαςτ99 devastated as he felt he'd lost his purpose on Miiverse but his recent 2 drawings had gained a lot of yeah's which motivated him to continue and strive for popularity.

During 2014 his followers were increasing rapidly due to yeahbombing, interacting and his artwork. ßεαςτ99 was over the moon but still had his fair share of arguments causing more 2 week bans in the process. He later called 2014 "the rise" as a very popular user RedShift befriended him showing several people across Miiverse from various communities to see his posts. Despite the increase in followers ßεαςτ99 also made several friends such as Sean, LadyLuigi and several others and together they would also troll some users Mario Kart 8 and Super Smash Bros. U which triggered a lot of complaints. ßεαςτ99 also would participate throughout many roleplays.

Thanks to one pixel drawing of Mario and many other drawings ßεαςτ99's followers began to skyrocket to almost 750 followers throughout the first half of 2015. All was well until the update was introduced causing most members of Miiverse to complain. By the time it arrived several followers and friends of ßεαςτ99 had been banned or had left Miiverse which caused ßεαςτ99 to have an inner breakdown. While attempting to regain the little fame he had on the Youtube Community everything had changed too much such as everyone he knew had been long gone and new users arriving would forever be unable to experience the fun of the old miiverse, ßεαςτ99 couldn't accept this so he left Miiverse.

However, during the early stages of 2016 an older and new ßεαςτ99 returned now embracing the new Miiverse and still aimed for popularity but in a slightly different way. He arrived in the New Super Luigi U community with his posts being more controversial which manged to anger several people mainly Furries such as Rebecca. He currently believes people hate him due to this so he later posted random things to create a better reputation but in reality was to gain attention. He once had a rivalry with the entire fan base of Phantasma and one with Mii King which got ßεαςτ99 banned again. Fearing of another ban as his next could be permanent he ended up befriending both Phantasma and Mii King even becoming a close supporter in the process though some users believe he is using them both. Recently he returned to Super Smash Bros WiiU under the alias "MiracleBoy" where he still frustrates people. As of the last day in 2016 it was rumored that Phantasma is both the mother and wife of ßεαςτ99, these rumors have yet to be proven true though.


  • "I'd rather be hated for who I am, then loved for something i'm not"
  • "Helloo its me!"


  • Favorite game is The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time
  • Loves to drink milk
  • Has an unhealthy obsession with the mii's of Scarl and VirtualBoy
  • Loves to troll on Super Smash bros. Wii U
  • Loves wasting his life on Youtube and Miiverse
  • He is also known as the MiracleBoy


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