NNID Missiemcnievexox
Age Private
Joined 27th February 2014
Community New Super Luigi U Community
Followers 800+
System(s) owned SO N3ds SO Wiiu
Birthday Private
Alts Really-Original

SomeOrdinaryMeme (Banned) GrenEgzNHem

ºПgуεςº is a user who mostly posts drawings and written play journals in various Wii U (sometimes 3DS) communities. She can be mainly found in the New Super Luigi U and Splatoon Community and can sometimes be shown on the popular posts section. She also appears in some Youtube series (etc: Lambie Trolls Miiverse, Miiverse Nonsense).


On 27th February 2014, she began making her Wii U user and she didn't post anything because she was way too busy playing on New Super Mario Bros U (or maybe it was because of Parental Controls).

On July 31 2015, she began posting play journals and drawings in the Super Mario 3D World and Splatoon Community. Back then, she used her fingers to draw and comment because she lost her stylus. She had a positive and normal attitude, until..

On December 30 2015, she found the New Super Luigi U Community from her favorite user (JohnLucina) and the first post she posted on the community was 'Do you think Cory in the House is best anime? xD'. Her attitude from then turned trashy and funny ; she was positive and normal too. It then became her favorite community because she can post ANYTHING in there (anything except for stuff that violates the Miiverse CoC).


  • "If salty exists, then were's peppery?"
  • "Help. My sister can't stop watching Mama Luigi. I don't want her to discover memes."
  • "If I had a dollar/pound for every lobby there is without a level 50 or Japanese player on Splatoon, I would be poor."
  • "This community is a rip off the New Super Meme-igi U Community.
  • "My hand smells like bleach. It's true."
  • "I'm not Marie! I'm my original character, Marine!"

Images/Handwritten Posts


  • As stated in her LMR user's profile comment, she has arachnophobia.
  • According to her reply on her 200+ followers QnA, she wasn't the original smasher.
  • She had 3 admin notifications on her user. But luckily, she had no bans.
  • Her alt has an LMR page and it can be found here.
  • Her posts usually recieves +10 yeahs (minimum). She may delete posts that's under the minimum.
  • She's currently making a comic called 'Squids and Foes' in the PixelMaker Community.

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