Madolche Knights vs LoMM is a war that started on January 11th, 2015 and ended on January 16th, after Jonathan surrendered. The war started when Count Dooku was banned, and eventually, the COF thought the LoMM was behind his ban. Eventually, a annoymous group ordered Negman and IvoEggman to attack the Tennis Community to seek revenge on the LoMM. The role of Negman is put into question as he refused to put himself in a war. Instead the Madolche Knights made a referendum on with Negman on whether they want go to war with LoMM for the Tennis Community. In addition Negman never lead the Madolche Knights but instead gave it to his trusted advisor Deadfish. On final note given on the Madolche Knights is that wars with them are settled on claim posts where the highest amount of yeahs. A claim post is a post that explicitely says you have won the community. The LoMM reponded to the threats but overall failed to beat out the threat in those 5 days but afterwards, just after the Madolche Knights stopped posting, it was reclaimed. Eventually, a peace treaty was skillfully formed by IvoEggman, both groups went back to normal, and Tennis is still used by LoMM to this day. 

Most people that spectated.

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